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Marybeth Burton

Merck and Co.
Executive Director Disc Sa
Rahway, NJ
Marybeth Burton leads Merck’s Discovery Sample Management group based at the Rahway, New Jersey site. She is responsible for both small molecule compound and chemical inventory management activities. Her group monitors compound collection quality and participates in efforts to continuously improve both stewardship and composition of Merck's small molecule compound collection. Marybeth has been involved with process optimization efforts and development of new workflows to support changing compound management needs resulting from globalization of drug discovery efforts. Marybeth also has responsibility for management of discovery biological samples within Merck and has collaborated with colleagues in clinical research to develop an overall bio-repository strategy. She has recently taken on leadership of Merck’s overall chemical inventory management strategy and implementation.
Prior to her current role, Marybeth was Associate Director, Chemical Technologies at Schering-Plough where she led the compound management team for 10 years. Marybeth holds a B.A. in Biology and an M.S. in Information Science.