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Jeff Gross

Director of Screening, Profiling and Mechanistic Biology
Jeffrey Gross is a senior director with GlaxoSmithKline, and heads the Screening, Profiling, and Mechanistic Biology group in Upper Providence, PA.  He joined GSK in 2001 after a postdoctoral at the University of Wisconsin.  During his 18 years with GSK, he has worked in early discovery and developed expertise in many of the core discovery platforms, including high throughput screening, encoded library technology, and fragment-based drug discovery. Throughout his career at GSK, he has maintained a role in assay development, biophysics, and in the weekly in vitro profiling assay work for lead optimization campaigns. A recent focus has been developing scientific approaches in hit qualification, as a strategy to improve the quality and success of discovery efforts. Jeff received a PhD from Temple University, where he studied enzymology, elucidating the mechanism of enzymes in the NAD biosynthesis pathway. His post-doctoral studies were done at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he used pre-steady state kinetics, kinetic isotope effects, and mass spectrometry to evaluate reaction mechanisms and intermediates.