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Full Compound Management and Chemical Library Services 
Founded in 1987, Specs has 30 years of experience in storing, distributing and reformatting research compounds. Our services include: outsourced compound repository, high security disaster recovery storage, dry compound weighing, volatile solvent transfer, plating, plate replication, 3rd party compound procurement, compound registration and quality control.
Specs’ core business is outsourced compound management. We have all the experience necessary to be an integral partner by assuming any portion of your compound management functions, whether off-site at Specs’ facilities or on-site at the customer’s premises.
Full service compound handling and repository facilities are located both in Zoetermeer, Netherlands (headquarters) and in Cumberland, MD, USA. These facilities are equipped with state-of-the art weighing, liquid handling and evaporation equipment, as well as with SQD UPLC/MS and 1H-NMR installation.
In 2013, Specs successfully installed two secure vaults for storage of several million compounds for both disaster recovery and solid compound archiving. The Firelock® Fireproof Modular Vaults provide maximum protection for compound collections to mitigate the risk of loss in the event of a natural disaster. In Q4 2015, Specs introduced a semi-automated Kardex Remstar climate-controlled system to house a two-million customer compound collection with daily ordering. An installation of a similar system for a one-million collection of another customer, with similar ordering requirements, has been completed in Cumberland facility in Q4 2017, and two new ones, one in Cumberland facility for a dedicated storage of a customer's collection, and another one as "shared compound management facility", will be installed early 2020.
Additionally, Specs continues its traditional business of supplying high quality screening compounds, natural products, fragments and building blocks to the life science community, as well as custom synthesis and Lead Development Chemistry Services.